Cyber Security BOOTCAMP

Are You The CyberHero They Are Looking For?

You want to know everything about infosec but only have 1 day? Now it's possible, we have our brand new Cyber Security BOOTCAMP course.

This is a 1 day technical awareness training for IT employees. CIO, DPO, or just enthusiast, you are welcome!

Students will attack servers, clients, wireless networks, mobile devices, and even humans! You will perform lateral movement, pass hashes, impersonate tokens, crack passwords, and hack web vulnerabilities like SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

But it's not all about the hacking stuff: you will learn the basic concepts of infosec, counterattack techniques, how to implement secure network architecture concepts and systems design, and how to remediate vulnerabilities.

Become A CyberHero In No Time!

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