Managed Security Awareness

Human stupidity

Are you sure your employee won't click on a phishing email or open an unsafe attachment?
And how will he respond to a telephone scam or an unknown thumb drive lying on his desk?
We don't need to tell you about the end-user and the weakest link in the security chain...
Is there a way to test human behaviour? Is there a patch for human stupidity?

It's all about awareness! Our managed security awareness platform will help you raise the awareness among end-users. It will lower cyber attack-related losses caused by employees,
as the frequency of these attacks will simply reduce!


Train, Sleep, Phish, Repeat

You can provide your end-users comprehensive user awareness training through this platform.
With the help of short online videos, quizzes, newsletters, phishing and vishing simulations, they will become increasingly skilled in detecting, reporting and preventing cyber threats!

Continuous learning

We record a unique risk score for your users, groups, and company as a whole. The risk score for a user - called the personal risk score - is calculated by several different factors, including how likely the user is to be targeted with a phishing or other social engineering attack, how he will react to these types of events, and how severe the consequences would be if he fell for an attack.

This personal risk score determines the level of his training plan and the difficulty of the next social engineering attack. A continuous learning program!

Comprehensive reports

All activity can be followed through an online portal. There is nothing to install or to manage by your IT team. You can generate comprehensive reports including clear graphs and statistics about the impact of the training courses and the results of the campaigns. And at any time, you can evaluate how a user's and company's risk score has changed over time and compare it with the initial score.

Yes there is a patch for human stupidity... it's our managed security awareness platform!



  • Unlimited phishing security tests
  • Training modules and campaigns
  • Security ‘hints & tips’
  • Personal risk scores
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Vishing tests (telephone scam)
  • Thumb (USB) drive tests

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